cloud chant

by TallKite

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Key: C about 45¢ sharp of the standard A-440 C.
Tuning: 7-limit JI.
Scale (w=white, b=blue, r=red, y=yellow, g=green):
wC rD yE wF ryF# wG gA♭ rA bB♭ wC

Vocal parts:
bass melody: wC rD rD wC (2x)
baritone: wC rA gA♭ wG (2x)
tenor: yE rD wC wC (2x)
alto: wG ryF# wF yE (2x)
soprano: wC wC wC bB♭ wC/bB♭ wC wC wC

Chords: wCy - rDyb - rDbb,bg5 - wCyb - wCyb - rDyb - rDbb,bg5 - wCy
The rDbb,bg5 chord could also be thought of as a wFgr chord

The most consonant voicing of a yb chord is with the b7 in the upper register. As a low-voiced male singer, that means I usually don't get to introduce a septimal note into a chord. But this song is different: the b7 is supplied by the bass voice moving up by a r2 and "tricking" the high voice into a b7. Great fun!

Full explanation of the color notation here:


released February 19, 2014
vocals: Kite Giedraitis and Maria Olaya



all rights reserved


TallKite Portland, Oregon

Kite plays microtonal music and also sells alt-tuner, a microtonal midi plug-in.

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